Monday, August 4, 2014

216/365-2 Flora Macro

"Just A Flower"

After a busy weekend of picture taking I took it easy today.  Weber and I went for an evening walk and I just snapped flower photos.  I wish I could say that I shot with intent, but I really didn't.  If the colors caught my eye, I took a photo.

I love the colors and lines in these.

This guy was an added bonus.

A sweet little flower...

That's all.

215/365-2 Hang Ups

There are lots of interpretations of "hang ups."  The first thought that crosses my mind when I see these words is all the weird little idiosyncrasies that I have - the bedspread being perfectly straight, nothing on the kitchen counters, needing to be extremely early for airline flights, having meals that consist of more than one thing... Yeah, I am a little weird, but I am perfectly willing to embrace the quirky person that is me.  All that said, personal hang-ups was not the direction for today's prompt, thank goodness.  The sub-prompts were on a line, clothes, laundry.

I bet you are still wondering what the above photo has to do with any of these things.  Well, it is what I saw today.  The ship contains lots of things on a line and equally as many things hanging.  Another one of my quirky attributes is that I can find/make relationships in places where most people probably think that none exist.  That may be the music theorist in me.  Anything is possible in theory!

This ship is the Kalmar Nykel  ( , a replica of a colonial sailing ship.  Right now it is docked in Lewes, where it will be until early September.  Starting August 5th, it will be taking visitors sailing out in the Delaware Bay.  I am hoping that before we head home, I will have an opportunity to photograph it with all of its sails unfurled.

More appropriate to the intentions of this prompt are the photos below, taken at Fort Delaware on Friday.  I did not use them as my "official" POTD because I am trying to remain faithful to taking the day's photo actually on the designated day.

I had no idea what today's prompt was when I took these photos.  I just remember being struck by the image of this feminine purple dress hanging in this cold harsh environment.  I first noticed it as we were on a guided tour through part of the fort.  The image was so striking to me that I made my way back to it in the pouring rain so that I could take the picture.  The good thing about spending the day with fellow photographers is that they were right there with me, despite the thunder, lightening and rain.

The Kalmar Nykel was that last stop that Weber and I made on an afternoon outing to Cape Henlopen State Park.  We went to the park because I was determined to get as close as I could to the Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse to take some photos.  We managed get just about as close as you can get without being on the water.

We also visited one of the old guard towers that is part of Fort Miles, which is  located in the park.

We wound our way up the multiple levels of spiral stairs to the top of this tower.  I'm sure the view was quite beautiful; I barely looked.  Open heights are not my thing, even when I am surrounded by seven foot chain link fence.  I stood at the top of the stairs (translation I did not get all the way out to the open deck on top) took a few quick, and not so good, pictures, and then headed back down.  I was much more intrigued by the stairs on the inside than by the view on the outside.  Did I mention  that we were way high up?

The stairs are metal grate and spiral all the way to the top.  The geometry of their construction is so beautiful!

My eye is drawn to all the permutations of the golden ratio that is present in these images.

It was on the way home from the park that we stopped by the ferry terminal to see the Kalmar Nykel.  I must say that it was somewhat disconcerting to see the old sailing vessel at the end of this new pier.

To read more about our adventures at Cape Henlopen State Park, visit the blog of our furry traveling companion Blueper B, our blue and orange furry monster.  I suspect that he will offer you a whole different perspective on the day!