Monday, January 7, 2008

A Few Questions

I promised that today I would begin posting answers to the questions I received. I must say that I did not get the response that I had hoped for. I'm not sure if this means that I am boring or you are. A big thanks to those of you who did play along with me. You will all be rewarded for being such good sports. I will address all of the questions over the next week or so and will announce the winners and the prizes.

First up are two questions from "Anonymous". I'm not sure if they are both from the same person or if they both had parents with ADD who could not get past the "A's" in the baby name book.

The questions are:
"Why is the sky blue?" and "Why is the grass green?"

Ignore what they say about the grass being green because it contains chlorophyll, a sunlight-fixing pigment and the sky being blue because there are billions of tiny particles in the air that refract the sunlight. Here is the real explanation of the green grass and the blue sky. Simply stated, the sky is blue because blue, whether it be the cheerful blue of a Spring day or the harsh, cold blue of a winter storm, is my favorite color. Green is not my favorite color. I would always rather see blue than green. Therefore, the sky is blue to encourage me to always keep my head up. Also, blue is the color associated with the Democratic party, another favorite of mine. Looking up to see a lot of blue on the state map on election night in November will make me much happier than seeing red. Seeing too much red will make me turn green and I don't like green.

In case you are interested, orange is my second favorite color. It also is found by looking up to see magnificent sunrises and sunsets.