Thursday, June 7, 2007

Not Enough Knitting or Pictures!

It was a brisk morning in NYC. Brooke and I had a nice breakfast at a deli around the corner from our hotel and then Erin and I did some shopping. We found M&M World. I had planned to spend the afternoon taking pictures in Central Park and knitting. As with most things in my life, the day did not work out as I had planned. While the girls and I were enjoying the tastes and sights of the city, Mike went and put our names in the lottery for tickets to the taping of tonight's David Letterman Show. I was hoping that we would not be picked, but we were. This meant that we had to pick up our tickets at2 and be back for the show at 3:30 for the 4:30 taping. This screwed up the whole afternoon. No pictures! I am hoping for another opportunity tomorrow.

Seeing the taping of The Late Show was one of those that things that I can now say that I have done. The one interesting thing was that the Late Show tapes both Monday's and Friday's show on Monday. (The others are taped on the days they air.) Apparently at the Monday taping for this Friday's show, Dave got a great deal of mileage out of the fact that Paris Hilton was in jail. Unfortunately for him, she was released today so the monologue intended for tomorrow lost its punch. After taping today's show, they retaped a new monologue for tomorrow. Other than that, everything looked exactly like it does when we see it on TV.

We saw The Color Purple tonight. For those of you who watch American Idol, the lead (played by Whoopie Goldberg in the movie) was played by Fantasia, the 2004 Idol winner. All and all it was a good show. We were all wondering how they would deal with all of the violence in this story on stage. It was done tastefully and effectively. This is an emotionally tough show to pull off on stage night after night. The cast gave the show, and the audience, their all.

I made it to this morning before succumbing to the urge to call the vet and check on the dogs. The tech said that they were fine as long as they were together. Neither of them likes it when one goes for a walk without the other. I told them that when I dropped the dogs off but I don't think they were convinced. They are now.

Searching the Internet, we could not find a yarn shop to which we are willing to make an "on speculation" visit. That gives me another opportunity for photography in the park, and perhaps a hot dog and pretzel too! I am also behind on my knitting. I am still working towards finishing a pair of socks but it is looking right not like I might have to admit defeat. We'll see how much knitting time tomorrow brings.