Friday, January 23, 2015

23/365-2 On the Third


The intended subject for today's prompt was a landscape.  we were to intentional place the horizon.  A landscape photo was not happening for me today; I had way too many other things to be doing and did not have time to go out looking.  Fortunately, I got a lot of landscape practice last weekend in Delaware.

I could have cheated a little and used one of the photos that I took over the weekend.  I was torn between following the prompt and staying true to a photo every day.  I opted for a photo that I took today.  Obviously it is not a landscape and thus has no skier a horizon, really.  Perhaps it fit the "on the third." bill.  It doesn't matter.  It is what it is.

I am double dipping a bit today because the photo was actually taken for today's post on the blog Pixels, Plates and LOLs!  We shared some photos and recipes for our favorite comfort foods.  Stop on over and visit if you have a few minutes!

22/365-3 Color Blocking

"My New Jacket"

For Christmas I asked for a North Face Denali jacket.  I didn't specify a color, but anyone willing to spend the money to buy me this jacket knows me well enough to know that I would definitely want blue.  In doing his Christmas shopping, Weber discover that North Face has an option where you can design your own jacket - choose the polar fleece color, the nylon, the zippers, the stitching, and they include an embroidered personal tag.  That is what I got for Christmas.  It was really two gifts in one.  Playing with all of the color combinations on the website was a blast.  The hard part was having to make a decision...well, not really.  Blue and orange were the only contenders;  the only hard part was deciding in what combination.  Obviously I settled on one and my jacket came today!  It may not be the most exciting picture of color blocking, but I am pretty excited about the jacket!

Here is the link if anyone is interested.