Saturday, May 8, 2010

Prom Night

Tonight is prom night. Tuxes have been rented, hair and make-up have been done. Dinner reservations have been made. A boutonniere was ordered - but Erin forgot to pick it up. Oh well, the night will go on. And, pictures have been taken . . .

. . . and they have headed off for their big night.
I expect them, and several others, back at the house sometime after midnight to continue the adventure of prom night. I'm glad that they want to be at home. They may not get any sleep, but I will because I won't have to worry about them! That is a great Mother's Day gift.
My dad had one piece of advice when I told him about the gathering of teenagers here - lock up the pantry!
While the kids were dancing the night away, Weber and I went to the grocery store. There should be enough food to keep them full from the midnight munchies time through to brunch tomorrow morning.