Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Would You Like Fries With That?

It is Lent so I am trying to focus on that thing called discipline. I am not one of those who gives up Coke only to be the first in line at the soda machine after the Easter Vigil or one who gives up chocolate and then runs to the store on Easter morning to buy a bunch of chocolate rabbits 50% off. What's the point? I do, however, believe that Lent is a time to take on some discipline that you really intend to keep after all the jelly beans have been eaten and all the eggs, yes ALL, have been found. This includes the one that you forget where it was hidden until the aroma said, "Remember me? Here I am."

I am choosing to be truly aware of what I eat. I am not on a diet, I am simply trying to make healthy choices. We are seven days into Lent and I am doing OK.

Today was a hectic day. One that involved no real lunchtime. We decided to run through McDonald's while on the go. Despite the Supersize Me documentary, it is possible to make wise choices there. What gets most of us in trouble is french fries. My first thought was to order a HAPPY MEAL - a small hamburger, a few fries - that should make me happy. (It is a "happy" meal. Isn't it?) Second thought: Do I need those fries at all? We all know the answer was "not really". For a brief moment, I decided to skip the fries. Then BK suggested that we split an order. I remember thinking that I had just told myself that I did not need them but my mouth said, "Sure, sharing sounds good." We placed our order.

The window attendant handed us our sack. I waited to open it until we were safely cruising at 55-60 mph. I distributed sandwiches and then, the sack was empty. No fries. My conscience had relocated to the person filling orders at McDonald's. All that energy I expended debating myself about should I or should I not have fries with my cheeseburger was wasted. I had no control over the situation. What a relief!