Thursday, January 17, 2013

17/365 A Favorite Toy


This well-loved bear was given to my mother when she was born in 1938.  As a child, the first thing that I would do when we visited my grandparents, which was usually only every year or two, was go find "Teddy."  He was always in the same chair, in the same corner, in the same room.  He was a constant companion while I was visiting Delaware.

He now lives with me.  He sits in his chair, which was my mother-in-law's, in the corner of our guest room.  Somewhere along the way, he was dressed in baby clothes.  I believe this was to help protect his arms and legs that are only now tenuously attached by a single string.

My girls never got to play with him much so they don't have the same memories and attachment that I do.  But now that Teddy is out in public and accepting visitors, maybe some day another generation of grandchildren will run to find him when they come to visit.

I am thankful for today's prompt because I don't think that I have any other pictures of Teddy.  Well, with one exception . . .my grandparent's home was featured in an issue of Colonial Homes magazine.  At that point, Teddy was still residing in Delaware and made his way into the magazine shoot.  Anyway, Im glad to have been prompted to take a picture myself.