Sunday, October 13, 2013

286/365 Tradition

"Happy Dance"

After church and a nice brunch at our favorite local cafe, Weber and I went to the Santa Fe Days celebration in Carrollton.  Relatively speaking, this is a small festival, but one that is enjoyable and was manageable in the little bit of time we had before Resounding Harmony rehearsal this afternoon.

Artists of all kinds had booths filled with Native American paintings, jewelry, weavings, photographs, food and public service information the culture.  There were also drummers and dancers.  Though it was a little misty, the temperatures were cooler than they have been in a long time so we were able to fully enjoy being outside.

We can't seem to get away from this place without spending money.  Last year we got some gorgeous watercolors from a Taos artist.  When he wasn't on the list of vendors returning this year, we thought we might be able to save ourselves some money.  Wrong.  We did buy one piece of art that is really cool.  It is a small painting with am actual feather overlaid to look like a tree.  I suppose I could have photographed it; I'll put that on the list of things to do.  Weber also bought me a beautiful silver bracelet with lapis turquoise stones.  The one thing that I had hoped to buy as a souvenir while we were in England was some kind of bracelet.  I never found "the one."  The one I got today is "it"… exactly what I wanted.  I am so lucky to spend my life with someone who spoils me!

Despite all of those really neat things, the highlight of our day was meeting Chester Nez, the last survivor of the original 29 Navajo Code Talkers from WWII.  He was there with his grandson signing and selling his memoir .  What a privilege to meet and talk with him and his family!

"Chester Nez"

The things those eyes have seen and the stories that live within…

Then there was the hoop dancer...

We had a great day!  I wish the weekend wasn't over so soon.