Monday, June 4, 2007

Empty Nest

No, it has not finally hit me that I am sending a kid off to college, it is this vacation thing. Vacation time for us is usually spent in the mountains of New Mexico and ALL of us go; that includes the dogs. The dogs can't go to New York. So, this afternoon I had to take them to the vet where they will be boarded while we are away.

BK has spent the evening making fun of me because I am more upset about leaving the dogs than I get about leaving anyone else behind. I have to admit, that is true. The reason for this is because when I leave the kids or friends, they are usually only a phone call away. I can hear their voices, listen to how the day went, still feel like I am there even if only in spirit. I can't talk to the dogs. I don't know what is going on with them. Oh, the vet did say feel free to call and check on them but I doubt they are going to say that your dog is miserable. I am sure that I will call (Note to self: remember to take the number with you) a few times while we are gone. And I am sure that the reception will say, "Oh, they are doing just fine." 95% of me will believe that but there will always be a little piece of me that is not sure.

Don't get me wrong, I love our vet and I trust the entire staff. They have been wonderful to us and all of our animals many times. It is just that I have not boarded the dogs before. I have always been lucky enough to have someone who would stay with them. I did not try to find anyone this time because it really is easier to board them. At the last possible moment this afternoon, I dropped them off with their blankets. Though they were hesitant to do so, the vet promised me that they would put them in the same run. They were afraid that Adidas would get excited and step on Harley. He will be much calmer if they are together.

So, I sit here writing with no dogs at my feet. It really does not feel right. I had a doughnut earlier and had to eat the whole thing myself because there were no begging eyes staring at me and urging me to share. I folded the last of the laundry without having to refold it a time or two because of canine wrestling on the bed. It feels really empty around here. Even the cats are wondering what is going on though I don't think they are really missing the dogs. They will get first dibs on the pillows tonight.

Just to make sure that I didn't miss them too much, Adidas left me a de-stuffed toy under the kitchen table - more pol-fil for Harley's bin and Harley left me a "puppy pile" in the laundry room. How they love me!

There was one good thing about them being gone this evening. I remembered way late that I still needed to change the cat box. Normally I must carry the old litter to the dumpster outside immediately else the canines will rip it open and have a feast. Gross, I know, but unfortunately true. I did not look forward to traipsing outside in my pajamas. It then dawned on me, there is no one here to tear the bags open. You can carry them out in the morning when you leave. There is a positive in nearly every situation.

Once we are away from home I'm sure that I will feel better. It is me being here and them not that feels so strange. I am very lucky that BK's daughter is going to pick the dogs up and bring them home on Saturday morning so they will be here when we return on Saturday afternoon. The vet closes at noon on Saturday so if she could not pick them up, they would have to stay until Monday. I don't think I could stand that!

I will stop whining now. I am looking forward to this trip and I promise not to stop and talk to every dog that we pass on the streets of New York.