Tuesday, September 24, 2013

267/365 Get Wet

"Fall Fountain"

I'm in a creative slump they week.  Nothing seems terribly inspired or inspiring.  I know that all artists have these times, but I don't particularly like the feel of it.  That being said, I'm soldiering on hoping that the creative fire is rekindled soon!

I had a composition student who was sick and missed a lesson this morning.  That gave me a free hour that I did not expect to have.  There were many productive things that I could have chosen to do, but I decided to go sit outside with my book and enjoy the fresh air and the sound of the fountain in the courtyard.

I was taken by the colorful leaves floating in the fountain.  I'm not sure where these leaves came from; all of the trees are still covered with bright green leaves.  Whatever their source, I love the colors and liked seeing them resting on the water.