Tuesday, December 30, 2014

364/365-2 Cozy Indulgence

"Birthday Indulgence"

Today I could either get cozy or indulgence, but they didn't both happen at the same time.  I decided to go with just indulgence because it made for a much better picture!

Having a birthday so close to Christmas, like anything, has advantages and disadvantages.  This year the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages because I got a new lens on both occasions - not a joint gift, but actually two lenses!  I freely admit that this is a major indulgence and that I am quite spoiled.

This lens was delivered today.  We knew that it had to be signed for when it arrived so we planned to be home most of the day.  I could have dug out from beneath the Christmas mayhem that still blankets most of the den and dining room, but instead Weber and I watched the movie August Rush.  It is not a new movie but for some reason it has never been available on either Netflix or Amazon and I have wanted to see it for quite a while now.  Brooke brought it home from the library for me; having a librarian in the family makes it easy to get the movies that you want,  especially when that librarian is the one whose job responsibilities include developing the movie collection for the library.  This movie, however, they already had so I did not abuse my connections.

August Rush is a sweet movie about the power of music, just a feel good sort of story.  And yes, Erin, I stayed awake for the whole thing!  I suppose that watching a movie in the middle of the day is an indulgence of sorts for us as we do this so rarely.  And the dog, who snoozed curled up in the afghan on my lap was definitely cozy.  I guess this scene could have worked for today's prompt, but my head didn't go there at the time.

The other potential for cozy was not an image that I wanted to preserve in a photo.  I had to have an MRI on my leg today.  I am seriously claustrophobic; if the injury had been any further up on my leg we would have had serious issues or needed serious drugs!  As it was, the tube stopped right level with my shoulders and I talked myself out of freaking out.

Almost two weeks ago I misjudged a step while out taking photos of Christmas lights one night.  When I did it, I heard a pop in my leg followed by intense sharp pain, but I did not actually fall.  I immediately sat down and let the pain subside a little and was able to hobble back to the car.  I stayed off of my leg for about twenty four hours during which time I also iced it.  The next day it felt a little better, the sharp pain had dissolved to a nagging ache. On the third day, their was bruising.  I thought to myself that that explained the ache and all would be well once the bruises healed.  Not the case.

It still hurts.  I finally decided that I needed to seek a medical professional when I saw a video (taken by my beloved husband with his new Polaroid Cube) of how weirdly I was walking.  

I went to the doctor late yesterday.  Based on the symptoms that I was presenting, the doctor seemed convinced that I had broken my fibula, but the X-ray was apparently inconclusive so her ordered the MRI.  It was scheduled for 5:30 this afternoon.  I did not leave the imaging center until nearly 7:30 tonight and I don't know what, if anything, the MRI showed.  They did send me on my way after their doctor looked at the images saying that there was nothing that needed immediate attention so I am figuring that I just need to take it easy on that leg for awhile.  I assume I will get an official report from the doctor tomorrow.

All of this to say that the whole MRI experience was cozy in its own unappealing way and I was not going to take a picture of it!  The new lens makes me much happier!