Saturday, November 24, 2012

Not-so-baby Pictures

I have enjoyed having both of the girls around for Thanksgiving.  The older they get, the less often this happens.  On Thanksgiving Day we made plans to "do something" today.  As it turned out, "something" meant the kids watched Top Chef Just Desserts while Weber and I finished putting up the outdoor Christmas lights.  Erin had also asked that I take some pictures of her and Edgar.  Late this afternoon, a little too late as it turned out, the kids and I headed out to a nearby park to find a good backdrop for some pictures.  Though the light was not great, we had a lot of fun.  Even Brooke played along!  She feels the same way I do when in comes to being in front of the camera - ah, no!

I'm so glad she was a good sport today.

Erin has always been comfortable in front of the camera.

She managed to make her sister laugh and be a little silly.

This loosened Brooke up and gave me a chance to get a few fairly good picture of the two of them together.

I did accomplish the original goal of taking the pictures of Erin and Edgar as well.

I am not much of a portrait photographer.  I much prefer candid shots and am usually more successful with inanimate objects.  In fact, for a long time I didn't even want people in any of the pictures that I took.  I guess I though everyone felt the way I did about having their picture taken.  I  have gotten over that.  I am still working to become a better overall photographer.  With that hopefully will come better portraits.

It is easy for me to overlook the technical flaws in these pictures because something, in this case, makes me much happier than nothing!