Friday, March 23, 2007

A Weekly Wrap Up

Today marks the conclusion of spring break. I must say that I have gotten used to the casual pace of the past two weeks. Today we did a little shopping here in Denton. We went to several local shops that we had not been to before. Denton is a funky little town whose charm is not always immediately evident. It does however have some awesome hometown restaurants, some unique little gift shops, and a whole lot of nice people. Not only did we discover some new shopping spots, but we did it on foot which offered a really up close and personal experience of the square and downtown. I am guilty of overlooking that which is right in front of me. Our walk this afternoon in the calming mist was an unexpected gift.

It has been a week since he had his tail amputated. Initially I was trying ti keep him in my bedroom so that the other animals did not annoy him. He did not like being sequestered at all. He thought that he was feeling fine and that he should go on with life as usual. So he did. He seems to have no ill effects from his surgery. He is running, jumping and acting very catly. I am most pleased about the fact that he does not seem to be scared of our dogs. They are certainly capable of annoying him but, he shows no fear. His tail is still bandaged (one more week). He likes to beat his stump against every one's legs. I assume that it must not be causing him any pain.

Harley is doing well. She loves her big brother Adidas. They work as quite a team for both good and ill. One of Adidas' attention getting stunts is to steal things off the bathroom counter while I am getting dressed in the morning. I have to chase him to the kitchen and offer him a dog cookie in order to get him to drop the stolen goods. The cookie trick still works with him but now when he drops the item, Harley picks it up and runs with it. I can't use the "Harley, want a cookie?" routine because she prefers to eat the crumbs from Adidas' cookies. I am outnumbered . . .and screwed.

I have not read anything that I had hoped to read during the break. The only consolation is that I did get a good deal of knitting finished. I have not taken pictures yet.

Here is the status of the project right now.

Erin took the picture for me. She asked what it was and I told her that it is a surprise. She allowed as how it looks like the front of a thong. I will admit that the Muse has been a little crazy lately, but a thong? I think I would be looking for a new muse if I thought knitting (or wearing) a thong was a good idea. And, it is not easily seen in this picture, but there is an intentional hole at the bottom of the triangle. Wouldn't this been an interesting design feature if this indeed was a thong. Honestly, it is not!

So now I will stop writing and knit some more. Hopefully I will not have to drag the secret out too long.