Sunday, November 9, 2014

313/365-2 Perspective


...a good piece of advice for all of us.

And I am finally caught up!!!

312/365-2 Interesting Light

"Us In November"

Today's photo was supposed to be a portrait using interesting light.  Truthfully, I was uninspired.  There is not much creativity here and there certainly isn't any interesting light.

Each month I have attempted to take a photograph of each of the girls and one of Weber and me together.  Amidst the chaos of the month of October, I didn't get a photo of us, so today was the day.  Everyone has to break the rules every now and then.

311/365-2 The Little Things

"Little Big Things"

In the few days after my dad passed away, countless people asked me what they could do for me.  Admittedly, I am not very good at asking for help, but during that time, I didn't really even know what to ask for...except from one person.

My dad always loved gardening.  He always had a vegetable garden and he always had houseplants.  When he retired from the Navy and moved back to Delaware, he went to work for a high school friend who owned a greenhouse business.  When that person inquired as to what I needed, my immediate response was to ask if he could ship some of dad's plants to me.  He graciously agreed to do that.  They arrived on this day.

These are just run of the mill house plants...cactus, aloe, some jade plants...but several of them dad propagated.  In my simple little mind, in them a small piece of him still lives on in these plants.

310/365-2 Mother Nature

"Chaos and Calm"

My life right now is an equal dose of chaos and calm.  There is nothing in between.

309/365-2 Where I Stand

"Heading Home"

...after a long day at school and then choir rehearsal that night.

308/365-2 Movement

"Texas Is Red"

It was a dismal day in Texas.  There was no movement at the traffic or in the politics.  Red prevailed in both places.  A very sad day for our state and our country.

307/365-2 Good Smells

"Sweet Smell of Shortbread...and Coffee"

Tonight Brooke made me my favorite...chocolate chip shortbread.  And what better way to enjoy it than with a cup of hot coffee!

306/365-2 Sun to Light Your Path

"Looking Up"

I did't see much sun on my path today, but I was struck by the sun coming through the tree in our neighbor's from yard.

305/365-2 Yourself


I am still playing catch-up with regard to posting photos here, but I did get back on track as far as taking my daily shots beginning on November 1st.

On the first of November, All Saints Day, we celebrated my dad's life at a memorial service held at St. Pete's episcopal Church in Lewes.  I crafted a service whose readings and music I thought best reflected the man that man dad was.  Father Jeff Ross preached a moving and meaningful homily.  The service concluded with members of the U.S. Navy presenting me the flag that had draped the casket last week and then Taps followed by a twenty one gun salute.  This service was everything that I wanted and needed it to be.

A reception was held at the Lewes Yacht Club.  It was not what I would have planned had I been in charge.  However, I think people enjoyed it.  Those who wanted to were given the opportunity to say a few words of remembrance.  I did enjoy hearing people speak to many aspects of my dad's life - grade school and high school friends, classmates from the U. S Naval Academy, people who had served with him at various times during his career and those in Lewes who knew him from his involvement with the Lewes Historical Society and the Overfalls Lightship Foundation.

When we got back to the house, we were all in kind of a reflective mood - thinking about lives lived, lives passed, and all the memories made in between.  I found this portrait that my parents had done of me when I was around three.  As I looked at it,  I was thinking about how grateful I am for all that I have had and all that I have done in my life as well as for all the people that I have met on my journey on earth.

Here is another picture that better shows the actual portrait.