Sunday, March 30, 2014

89/365-2 Tight

'USNA Class of 1959"

This weekend my dad gave me his Naval Academy class ring.  He says it is too big and heavy for him to wear now.

Weekend Update

Here are some random thoughts on my weekend.

I much prefer going to bed a 2am to getting up at 2am.

Dallas traffic is a breeze at 3am - even LBJ and the construction around the airport.

Our flights were not conducive to nourishment.  Our first flight departed at 5:15 am.  None of the vendors in the airport were open yet.  We connected through Charlotte, a 2.5 hour flight.  Food is only available (for purchase) on flights that are three hours and longer.  We had a 35 minute connection in Charlotte and the two gates were literally as far apart as they could be; no time to stop for food.  The flight from Charlotte to Salisbury was also too short for food.  Needless to say, we arrived in Salisbury hungry.

Even if you disagree with her suggested route, Siri never gives up!

When you are really hungry, Burger King tastes pretty good.

I like Lewes better at this time of year than I do in the summer.

I'm glad we made the trip to see my dad.  He didn't feel well on Thursday but perked up during the rest of the weekend.

I loved having some different scenery to photograph.

I love rain!
I spent a fair amount of time with dad taking care of business.

I did not make any friends with a pushy realtor who stopped by the house.  OK, she couldn't get my name right.  She was snobby, only thinking about business, not the fact that there are human beings involved in the process.  My assessment: insensitive and self-serving, two things that don't fly with me at all.  She accused me of being a woman of few words, which was actually to her benefit.   My response to her comment was, "I am perhaps a woman of few words but one of many thoughts."

Sarcasm is one of my more developed talents.

I love my iPad Air but I don't like the Blogger app.  I'm not sure if I don't fully understand its workings or if I expect too much of it.  We need to work on our relationship.

After being a hold-out for many years, I have become a fan of Facebook.  I was able to meet a fellow photographer from CY365 this weekend because Weber checked in while we were at a restaurant.  She was in the area and stopped by for a few minutes.  This was way cool!  I was also able to keep up with what was going on at home with family and friends vis Facebook.

I got a couple new shirts even though I had no extra room in my bag.  I'm not sure how I fit them in.  Do dirty clothes take up less room in a bag than clean clothes?

TSA said nothing about the cactus in my carry on bag.

Weber is not a fun travel companion when traveling by air.  He does not like dealing with airports at all.  I wonder how long it takes to get from Dallas to Delaware on the train?

Our flights back to Dallas were both delayed, the first one because of weather and the second one because we were waiting on "catering."  The irony of the latter is that as I am writing this, the flight attendants have not been allowed to serve anything because the flight is too rough.

As we were standing in line to return the rental car, we fell into conversation with the couple in front of us.  As they were leaving, the woman handed us a book that her husband had written, The God Diagnosis.  I have read the first couple chapters; it is kind of interesting.  He is a doctor who didn't discover the importance of a relationship with God until well into his adult life.  On the second flight we are seated by a woman who is a chef and owns a restaurant in Dallas.  As it turns out, her manager lives literally around the corner from us.  It is nice when people actually talk to one another!

6am is going to come way too early tomorrow morning.

Despite our late arrival home tonight, I am so glad we made this trip!

88/365-2 Lucky

I am not doing well posting from my iPad while away from home.  For whatever reason, the photos are not sized correctly for tha app I am using, though they are the exact same size that I usually post from my desktop.   Also, there seems to be no way to format in my usual manner.  Oh well, I have more important things to worry about so for now it is what it is.

This photo only minimally has anything to do with the day's prompt of lucky, but it was my favorite shot of the day so I'm going with it.  Perhaps I was luck that it was gray and rainy thus making this image possible:-)

"Peering at a Pier"