Tuesday, January 20, 2015

20/365-3 Trio / Triptych


I am focused on this week's overarching photo theme of balance. Weber is pretty good about talking sense into me when I am way off base, he'll hold my hand to keep me from straying too far off the path, and he'll stand with me to help me stay grounded. Trust me, all of that is hard work!
As classes started today with my ridiculous teaching load and I am still in the midst of settling my dad's affairs, I am relying on him to help keep me balanced!

19/365-3 Negative Space

"Good-bye, Lewes."

A lonely tree on the way out of town...

18/365-3 Balance

"Balance and Sacrifice"
We are in Delaware going through all of the stuff in my dad's house. It was my grandparents so there is two generations and then some of family "stuff" here. I am trying to make decisions about what to keep for me and for my girls, what to donate, what to auction, and what to get rid of. I am doing my best to be realistic about what we can use and what we have room for and trying to avoid feeling guilty about those things I don't keep.

As I was walking on the beach this evening, I was struck by the image of the two benches - one looking forward and one looking backward separated by the trash can. That is how I feel. Looking back through all of the family stuff, needing to move forward, and the literal and figurative trash can standing between the two.

We saw this barn while driving around town.  The light and the fog were just perfect!

17/365-2 Powdery


There was no powdery snow in Lewes today, but there was some loose sand on the beach.