Friday, October 11, 2013

284/365 Red Pull

"Red Pull"

It has been one of those weeks - full of the the normal stuff that drains my energy and a few extra things that drained all of my reserves as well.  All of this has left me exhausted and in a "not very good" mood.  

I went to school with Weber this morning because I am going to be serving as a mentor for kids at his school.  I am looking forward to the opportunity and the challenge.  I worked at home this afternoon trying to finish a piece for the choir at school.  I made a fair amount of progress but I am not quite done.  Another several hour stretch of time would probably get it finished, but I don't have that this weekend unless I pass on sleep which, considering my already bad mood, would be a seriously ill-advised plan.

Brooke is busy baking tonight - the normal business bread for the weekend plus the goodies for a baby shower that Erin is hosting on Sunday.  After assessing the situation in the kitchen, I came to the conclusion that dinner was not going to be prepared at our house tonight.  Weber and I went out for cheap Chinese and then when to Target.  Target is a fairly safe venue for retail therapy.  How pathetic are you when you are excited by super chunky colored pencils that are on clearance?

Dinner had passed and I had done nothing about taking today's picture; I didn't even have any ideas for the prompt "pull."  I told Weber that perhaps the best option would be to pull the cork out of a bottle of wine.  He alerted me to the fact that if I decided on this, it would literally be a one shot deal.  Hmm.  I can only have one bottle of wine?  Being the voice of reason, he said that if I couldn't get a good picture on one shot having had no wine, the chances of getting one after finishing the first bottle were slim to none.  He had a point.  

As you can see, I took the low road and photographed him pulling the cart from the cart return in the parking lot at Target.  I'm not sure which is the most pathetic - that we spent our Friday night eating cheap Chinese food and wandering aimlessly around Target or that taking a photo of said experience is the best idea I had for a photo today.

Looking at it now this photo just makes me laugh and I really need to laugh right now so I guess it all worked out.

Oh, my fortune cookie at dinner said, "My most memorable dream will soon come true."  Would that be the one where I drive a fast car through the streets of Dallas or the one where all the mean people in the world disappear?