Friday, June 27, 2014

178/365-2 In the Shade


Happy National Sunglasses Day!

I have said it here before - I am not a fan of hats and sunglasses because they make me claustrophobic.  The only sunglasses I will where at all are the amber tinted ones and they seem to be the most difficult to find.  And hats are even more elusive, at least hats that don't look ridiculously dorky.  I will wear baseball caps, but they don't do much to keep the sun off of my neck.

Having had several pre-cancerous spots frozen off of my arms yesterday I am trying to be more willing to wear the hats and sunglasses to prevent such spots on my head and neck.  Now I am good about wearing sunscreen and long sleeves when I know that I will be outside.  Unfortunately, the damage to arms was done when I was much younger.

There is always something to worry about...