Monday, June 2, 2014

153/365-2 Cheese

"Blessed Are The Cheesemakers"

This represents ero creativity with today's shot.  I like cheese to eat but apparently not to photograph.

Simple Sunday in the Park

It is amazing to me how much interest and beauty rests in the simple things in simple places.  I wandered around a local park yesterday afternoon.  The park is in the midst of a residential area comprised of upscale  high-rise apartments.  There are a few businesses on the lower level and a large mass transit transfer center sits on its perimeter.   With all that, there was a lot to see.

I had no creative plans for the day other than just to take pictures.  I had no real idea what I was looking for and I had no idea what I'd see.  It was one of those days where I was trusting the muse to take over and lead the way.  As is often the case when I surrender to the process, I was not disappointed.

I did not take any photos that will be considered masterpieces of photography if you are measuring by great artistic standards, but I learned a little more about my camera and lenses and I noticed some things that I probably would have overlooked if I had not had my eyes open and my camera in my hand.

So what follows is a collection of eclectic photos taken on a simple Sunday afternoon in the park.

What struck me about this image is the contrast of past and present.  Many would consider the "past" blooms as ugly and unnecessary, as a distraction to the beauty of the flower in its prime.  Yet, to me, somehow those past blooms put the present in perspective, just as what is past in our own lives informs our present.

Simple water fountains.  Three of them.  All different heights. Lined up.  Their shape and relationship to one another caught my attention.  I can't tell you why.

More things in a line.  Just trees.

Train tracks are so much fun to photograph.  The lines are so strong and they just scream "journey."

Perhaps at the end of that journey is a place that feels as cheerful and inviting as this.

This structure arches across one of the paths leading to the bus stop.  Their only function is aesthetic, best I can tell.  I was fascinated by the shapes and patterns.  It was also casting so rather cool shadows.

Several of the above shot were taken with my Lensbaby. I decided I would see what kind of results I could get photographing moving water.  There are several small decorative waterfalls along the park's path.  I sat down on a step to see what I could do.

At one point I looked up and caught this.

It was ninety degrees and there were lots of children running and playing in the fountains and reflection pools.  To me, these two little girls (I have no idea who they are) represent the epitome of the joy of childhood.

As you go through your day and your week, stop to look at the simple things.  Do you notice something new and beautiful?  So much beauty resides in the simplicity of everyday if we take time to acknowledge it.