Saturday, January 31, 2009

Holiday On Ice

Today was a beautiful day, nearly seventy degrees. It was a vast contrast to the bitter cold days earlier this week that brought with them an ice storm and a day off from school. This past Monday evening, all of the weather forecasters warned us that Tuesday would be a miserably cold day with storms moving in and making travel more and more treacherous as the day progressed. This poor prognosis for the day’s weather caused our local school district to cancel school so Erin went back to sleep, but the rest of us had to get up and brave the weather.

We left the house early expecting the worst only to find this to be one of the easiest commutes in weeks – no ice and no traffic. We even had time to stop for coffee and still get to campus on time. Believing that things would worsen throughout the day, we did take an overnight bag just in case travel home after school was not possible. For me, classes after 3 pm were cancelled. We set out for home about 4, again expecting the worse and meeting no problematic driving conditions. I prepared for my classes on Wednesday and packed lunches assuming that we would all get up and go to school the following day.

At 5:15 am the call came – no school fro any of us. We all crawled back in bed for a few more hours of sleep. The day off was nice – wandering around in PJ’s all day, lots of coffee, and catching up on household chores. Come the day after Easter when the bad weather day has to be made up, we all may have a different attitude about this week’s day off, but for now, we enjoyed it.

Here is a glimpse of the Texas ice.