Thursday, November 28, 2013

332/365 Grateful for My Life

"The Sweet Spot"

I did a terrible job of photographing our Thanksgiving!  I didn't even pick up my camera until almost all was said and done.  I'm not sure how that happened.  However, in many ways, this picture sums up our Thanksgiving fairly well.

Erin appointed herself the mastermind of this year's celebration.  We all gathered at the house in Denton.  This arrangement took a lot of pressure off of me - no major cleaning!  Erin assigned all of us something to bring.  Weber smoked a turkey.  Brooke made roasted brussels sprouts, pumpkin pie and, of course, bread.  I was assigned chocolate chip pie and mashed potatoes, which I actually made with cauliflower.  FYI, they were really good, at least I thought so.  Mike, Jason, Erin and Edgar banded together and made the dressing, sweet potatoes and green beans.  Needless to say, there was no shortage of food!

A tradition that has been a part of our family Thanksgiving celebration for many years is a movie, actually at the theater, after our meal is finished.  This started when the girls were younger and Mike travelled a lot.  Because they all share a similar taste in movies (one that I don't share with them) this was a time for the three of them to spend some time together and an opportunity for me to go to a movie by myself and have some alone time.  We kept up the tradition, sort of, today.

Mike and Jason were not interested in a movie.  The kids all went to see the new Hunger Games movie, one that Weber and I had absolutely no interest in seeing so we went to Philomena.
I'm not sure what the verdict was about the movie the kids saw, but Weber and I really enjoyed our movie.  After our trip to the theater, which gave our meal time to settle, we returned home for pie.  And, I remembered that I hadn't taken a single picture yet.

I caught Erin taking her first bite of the pumpkin pie that her sister made.  I'll have to wait until Christmas to get a picture of us all together.  But, since Erin did most of the real work for our day today I am OK with this picture as my photo of the day.