Friday, April 26, 2013

116/365 Fence

"Other Side of the Track"

I like the lines in this photo - the tracks, the stripes on the train and, yes, the fence.  The fact that DART trains are bright yellow makes them nice to photograph, an added bonus.  Though today's prompt was fences, this is not a beautiful or really even an interesting fence,  I did have fun creating lines from various perspectives.

"Middle of the Road"

This is the same fence shown above.  I like the implied symmetry here.  However, the differing views beyond the platforms on each side keep it from being absolutely or perfectly symmetrical.  That is a good thing.  Igor Stravinsky said, "To be perfectly symmetrical is to be perfectly dead."  

I hope that there are no incidents on the Dallas trains anytime soon.  I'm sure that I am on all kinds of surveillance videos as I am photographing the trains.  I'll make sure I hold on to today's email outlining the prompt of the day just in case!