Thursday, December 26, 2013

360/365 Reckless

"The Greatest Gift"

After sleeping in this morning, I spent some time this afternoon playing with my new Christmas toy, a Lensbaby lens.  This is a mirrorless special effects lens system that has a very small "sweet spot" of focus that is achieved manually.  My vision makes it a little challenging, but I am having fun trying to conquer the learning curve.

I had in mind a different quote to accompany this image, one that more directly speaks to today's prompt of "reckless"; however, when I went to the Internet to verify that I was remembering that quote correctly, I stumbled across this one and decided that it spoke to me more loudly and clearly today for several reasons.  First of all,  relying solely on my own eyes to focus this lens rather than the auto focusing help that my regular lenses afford could be very frustrating.  I choose not to let it be.  Thanks to digital photography I can keep shooting until I get it right!  But more importantly, though our society tries to tell us that the Christmas season is all about material things, it's not.  The true spirit of Christmas is all about the love we give and receive from the heart.  Without that, no amount of stuff will create happiness, joy, peace or love, all those things that are wished for in this season of Christmas.