Monday, March 10, 2014

69/365-2 Asymmetrical

"The Other Side"

I took this at the park this evening.  I'm not exactly sure what it has to do with asymmetrical, but I like it so it is the POYD.

68/365-2 Emerging

"Budding Artist"

Yesterday was a good kind of busy, but it kept me from taking my POTD until very late last might and then I forgot to post it before I went to bed.

We went to church yesterday morning with some friends to hear a guest preacher give the sermon.  The whole church experience was pretty awesome!  The friends with whom we went are some of our closest, the service was one of the most God-filled that I have attended in a long time, which a rather sad statement since I go to church at least once and week and often more than that, and the sermon
 was challenging, enlightening, and entertaining.  When I come away from a church service feeling both challenged and energized it is a good experience!

After the service our fellowship continued with lunch.  Unfortunately, it was a quick lunch because several of us had a rehearsal before we met again at church for Evensong and a Q&A with Bishop John Shelby Spong, this morning's guest preacher.  Again, another fabulous experience.  And afterwards, again we all shared food and fellowship.  The tasty Italian food did not help my daily calorie count, but it was worth it to finish out a great day with people who are the best of friends in every way.

Though the time has changed and theoretically I had an extra hour of daylight with which to accomplish the day's photo, it was late and dark when I got home, not conducive to photographing "emerging, budding or rising".  The intent was to capture the early signs of spring.  Being that this time last week  had a day off from school because of ice and extremely cold temperatures, not much is budding yet and what had started prior to the last cold snap has not survived.

So what to do...

On considered stopping by the grocery store and buying some buds.  I hated resorting to that but I would hate more to miss a day's photo.  Then Weber suggested that Brooke has been practicing making gum paste flowers and that there have been bits and pieces of all kinds of flowers all over the kitchen for the past few days.  Good idea!  

Brooke was OK with letting me photograph her flowers as long as she didn't have to be in any of the pictures.  Deal!  The problem was that the flowers were still drying and could not be touched or moved too much.  I had to maneuver around to try and find a decent angle of something that was more or less a completed flower.  I took several shots.  This is the one that Brooke liked best.  Since it is her artistry that I am showing, I figure the least that I could do was to let her choose her favorite photo.

Though I have not yet taken today's photo (Monday) yet.  I'm going to do better about paying attention to the light!