Friday, September 13, 2013

256/365 On the Table

"The 13th Table"

Many of the people who are part of the Capture Your 365 community are avid and very talented scrapbookers.  Yesterday many people posted scrapbook type collages as a documentation of the details of their day.  It was cool to see an entire day in snapshots.  Because I worked from home today, I decided that I would give the collage thing a try.

I had tons of work to gone done today and most of that was going to happen at the dining room table so the day's prompt and my schedule seemed to align.  So here is my day from the perspective of our dining room table.

  • Since today is Friday the 13th, a calendar shot seemed appropriate; and, it gives context to the otherwise generic shots.
  • Yes, the cat is on the table, but she waited until after I was done eating.  And because she is on the table, she is not on the kitchen counters where the bread is being made.
  • I had time this morning to look at the puzzles in the paper and drink an extra cup of coffee.
  • In the mail this afternoon, we received some anti-bullying materials that Weber and I hope to be able to use for programs at his school.
  • I did actually spend some time organizing all of my school papers, hence the hole punch so that all the loose papers could be corralled in the appropriate binders.
  • Though we went out for dinner tonight, the lazy susan that lives in the middle of the table reminds us to always "come home for love."
Though I know I don't have the time to document every day like this, it was a fun project.  I think that I will attempt to do something like this at least once a month.  We'll see if I can make that happen.