Monday, May 27, 2013

147/365 Catch Phrase

"Wisdom for Today"

I don't know that this is truly fitting for a catch phrase, but it is the quote that came in my daily email of meditations.  I like it a lot and find it to be true for so many people.  It also gave me an appropriate opportunity to photograph my new Lego clown.  My apologies to Erin and Weber; I know how you two feel about clowns.

How much different would our lives be if we all used our energy to embrace what we have instead of using it to mourn what we don't?  In striving so hard for what society tells us will make us rich or happy or successful, how many people really stop and look inward and ask themselves if indeed those things will make them happy.  And what is successful or rich anyway?  

146/365 In the Kitchen

"A Clean Kitchen:"

Today's prompt asked us to focus on what goes on in the kitchen - food being prepared, consumed or just displayed.  As you can see, nothing is going on in our kitchen today; that is the point of my photo.  At this moment, the kitchen is clean.  There is nothing being prepared, cooked or eaten.  This is definitely not its normal state.  Though it is usually clean with regard to sanitation standards (except for an occasional cat on the counter), it usually shows evidence of some interaction with food.

So why this picture?

After six years of being away at college and then culinary school, Offspring No. 1 is moving back home this week for good.  Yah!  She and her sister are going to try their hands at starting their own bakery business.  They are hoping to start small with farmer's markets and eventually move to a permanent structure.  At least that is the plan right now.  Offspring No. 2, the one with the number and business sense, has another year of college so they have a year to figure out a long term plan.  The girls should make a great working team - one of them likes to stay hunkered down in the kitchen baking for hours on end and the other has the people skills and organizational skills necessary to create a successful business.

Until the girls get all of their respective ducks in a row, my kitchen will serve as the test kitchen for potential recipes.  The good part of this is that we get to be the taste testers.  The downside is that the kitchen will most likely always be in use.  Or, waiting for me to clean it.

We will all adjust to a system that works for all of us.  As long as we can get to the coffee pot in the morning, most other obstacles can be overcome.