Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Time For Everything . . .At Least The Important Stuff

Over the past few days I have had a great deal of time to knit. (This is a good thing since it is about time for the next issue of Spirit of Knitting to be published and I was working on designs for the issue.) Much of the time I spent knitting was while sitting at our booth at the DFW Fiberfest. I worked a little and I knit a lot. Also recently we have begun knitting with a group at our local library. The group officially meets once a month but we all know that is not frequent enough for knitters, especially new ones who are still unsure about what they are doing and how to fix their own sure-to-happen mistakes. So, we have been meeting unofficially once a week at a local cafe and bakery. Knitting, coffee, friends, and chocolate croissants-life doesn't get much better than that!

Most weeks, we sit and knit together for two or three hours. I justify this as working in a remote office. I need to be knitting (it is part of my job, right?) and it really doesn't matter where that happens. Never mind the fact that I could do a few loads of laundry between rows or I could eat apples and grapes instead of chocolate croissants if I were at home. The truth is, I am working. Inevitably, every time we meet at the cafe, someone will stop at our table and say something to the effect of that looks like fun. I wish I had the time to just sit around and knit. Obviously they fail to see that this really is work. Okay, I'll admit that it is not well-paying work, but hey, does that really matter?

I began thinking about all those people who wish that they HAD the time to just sit around and knit. Last time I checked, we all have the same 24 hours in our days. Sometimes the days feel much longer and sometimes much shorter, but I do know that they all have 24 hours, no more and no less. (I know there are some extra seconds floating around out there) What do these people who wish they had time to knit do with their days? Shop? Watch TV? Sleep? Party? Read? Obviously they make time to eat since they spoke to us at an eating establishment. Perhaps if they cut one of the above out of their schedule, they could carve out some time to knit, that is if they really want to.

The deal is, we all make time for the things we WANT to do. So, if you really want to knit, you will knit. If you really want to read a book, you will rad a book. If you really want to do your laundry, you will do your laundry. If you really don't want to go commando, you will do your laundry. Though following our bliss is not possible all the time, we all have a desire for self preservation and doing those things that make us happy fall into the realm of self preservation.

I am just as guilty as the folks at the bakery of playing the "no time" card. With me, it comes with watching TV. I have caught myself saying that I wish I had time to just sit down and watch TV. In reality, I really don't wish for that. If it were that important to me, I would just sit down and do it. As it is, I don't. I will admit to being a bit culturally illiterate because of my choice not to do so. I don't even know who is on Dancing With the Stars, let alone who is winning. I have no idea who's married, who's divorced, or who's dead on ER. I am even woefully uninformed about what is happening on American Idol. I have chosen this state of ignorance for myself. I could watch TV instead of knitting, or I could watch TV instead of writing about wishing I could watch TV. But, I'm not.

I will trust that I can find someone who wishes they were knitting but is watching TV instead to tell me what is happening on primetime TV and I will continue to waste time knitting away. I may never know who wins this year's American Idol, but I will have lots of awesome hand-knit socks.

The next time you catch yourself saying, "I wish I had time to . . .", think about what you are saying. Do you really wish for the time to do that thing? If so, why aren't you doing it? If you are sincere in your desire, what can you do to allow yourself the necessary time? What are you doing that really is a waste of your time?

Does anyone know what is happening on Grey's Anatomy?i