Sunday, February 17, 2013

48/365 Color from the Garden


Though the temperatures around here have been fairly mild during the month of February, it is still winter; nothing is blooming yet.  When I read today's prompt, "color from the garden," I knew that I was in for a challenge.  I figured the best I would be able to do was to photograph the bright red berries on the holly tree.  Ever optimistic, I decided to take a stroll around the yard.  As I suspected there wasn't anything . . .except this cheerful little dandelion.

It is funny how in a sea of brown grass and bare trees the bright face of this dandelion is so stunning.  It is not but an inch in diameter yet it jumps out from the barren ground.  It screams of life, of possibility, of hope.  As I think about the coming spring that will bring with it  the blooming flowers and trees, I realize that in a month or so this little dandelion at best will go unnoticed and at worst will be considered a nuisance, a weed.

Have you ever felt like this dandelion?  In one context or to one person you are beautiful and meaningful and in another or to another you are merely an annoyance or a distraction from what is supposedly truly important. I really thought about this today.  I know,  kind of crazy to ponder the existence of a dandelion, but I realized that it and I have so much in common.

I was fortunate to have colorful flowers to photograph - just not in the garden.  This is the bouquet of flowers that Weber gave me for Valentine's Day.  They too are quite beautiful - in a different way than the dandelion.

"Valentine's Day Bouquet"

Beauty comes in so many sizes, shapes and colors in flowers . . . and in people.