Saturday, July 5, 2014

186/365-2 July Selfie - A Favorite

"Linen Love"

I am not very good about naming "favorites" of anything.  Not food, or books, or movies, or restaurants...nothing.  It all depends on the day.  Today's photo is supposed to reflect something that is a favorite piece of clothing, or jewelry, or shoes...something that is worn, I guess.

I do have some favorite jewelry, by it is bracelets and rings and right now my arms and hands look awful because of having had some pre-skin cancer spots removed so those were a definite no-go.  I decided that during this time of year, my "favorite" is linen.  Because much of the time I have to wear long sleeves and pants despite the summer temperatures, I am a big fan of linen clothing.  It is cool and comfortable.  And, much of the time, styles that are made from linen are oversized, another big plus in my book!  This goes back to my serious claustrophobia; it is not only sunglasses and hats that make me feel closed in, but also clothing that fits even the least bit closely.  I may have been the one teenaged girl who got in trouble with her mother for wearing "sloppy" (translation: not form fitting) clothing rather than things that were too tight.  The only thing about my "style" that has changed in nearly fifty years is that my mother is not around anymore to yell at me for the way I dress.

Because we have plans this evening, this photo was taken outside with terrible light conditions.  Sometimes you just have to take what you can get.