Wednesday, March 13, 2013

72/365 Messy

"Silver Where?

Today's prompt of "messy" offered me so many possibilities!  Weber would tell you that I need not look any further than my desk, which admittedly is a major disaster right now.  Then there is the pile of shoes in my closet.  Some days I think that it is a miracle that I make it out the door in the morning wearing two matching shoes!

The mess I chose to photograph is our silver wear drawer.  It had these amazing dividers only weeks ago.  Everything was perfectly aligned and neatly arranged.  Then the adhesive failed on the dividers.  They migrated.  Now the drawer looks like this.  Though there are an equal number of forks, spoons and knives in this drawer, it is impossible to find the utensil that you want.  If I'm searching for a spoon, I grab nine forks before finding a one.  If I want a spoon, I first must touch every knife and fork.  There is an interesting probability study in all of this somewhere.

The truth is, this mess is starting to drive me crazy.  I can live with my desk and the pile of shoes a little longer,  but this needs to be remedied soon.  We are quickly approaching eating yogurt with knives and soup with forks.  

Attacking this drawer with the super glue to make sure the dividers never move again is on our spring break chore list.