Sunday, July 7, 2013

188/365 Seven

"Order Number 7"

Offspring No. 1 is the least helpful of my family members when it comes to being the subject of one of my pictures of the day.  Today she had no choice.  We went out for dinner and our order number was seven.  Because she is not in many of my photos, she got the honor of holding our table tracker in front of the camera.  You can tell from the expression on her face that she was thrilled by this.  I also only got one attempt at the photo and it was with my phone.  

This is a lousy photo both compositionally and technically but it tells many stories of our lives.  And, the photos are about the memories so rather than go for a more artistic take on the number 7, I am sticking with a real moment in our lives on 7/7/13.