Friday, August 23, 2013

235/365 Landscape

'Summer Parked"

There are lots of great things about Dallas, but its beautiful landscape is not one of them.  Cityscape?  Maybe, but definitely not landscape.  With today's prompt being a local landscape, I was at a loss.  I finally decided, almost too late in the day,  that we do have lots of parks that provide a nice respite from the concrete and glass that covers most of the city.

I took several photos of this expansive park.  In the end, I was drawn to this image with the "beyond their prime" flowers in the foreground.  As I was looking at it on the computer, I realized that this is because, right now, I feel kind of like those flowers.  We have been easing into the school year.  Weber has been back at school this entire week for in-service and I had meetings today.  Students arrive for both of us on Monday.  That will be the true mark that summer is over for us - just like summer is over for those flowers