Sunday, February 22, 2015

45-53/365-3 Another Round of Catching Up

February seems to have whizzed by and I have no idea where it has gone!  All month I have been making lists of things that I need to do and I have actually crossed a goodly number of them off, but it seems that I am adding new things faster than I am removing accomplished tasks and the lists continues to grow.  The good news in all of this is that I have gotten a lot done, both things that I need to do and a few that I want to do.  I'll continue to work to whittle down at the rest trying to be gentle with myself about the places where I have fallen short.

As I write this tonight, I have a wicked cold that is not doing anything to help my productivity.  The good news is that due to an impending ice storm, school has been cancelled for tomorrow.  That gives me some to get some extra rest in the hope of defeating the cold and some time to catch up on other things.  I consider the ice and cold to be a gracious gift from Mother Nature, just what I need right now.

And now to catch up on the daily photos so that I can scratch that off of my list.

45/365 Valentine

"Edible Valentine"

We celebrated a simple Valentine's Day sharing bagels and coffee.  That evening, We went to see Book of Mormon with some friends.  That show is so wrong but so hilarious!

46/365 Depth of Field


The dogs supervised this shot in case any props happen to be dropped along the way.

47/365 Flowing

"Goofy Grapes"

This was a last ditch effort taken and edited very late at night with my phone.

48/365 Wide

"Rainy Afternoon"

Standing out in the rain taking this shot reminded me how much I love rain.

49/365 XOXO


A late night photo of a late night snack.

50/365 Isolate It

"Quiet Life"

51/365 Colored Bokeh

"Signs of Spring"

On the way out to the mailbox on Friday afternoon we noticed the first dandelion of the year, the first sign of spring.  I felt like I needed to document that, but I also felt a bit guilty about our dandelions and seventy degree weather while so much of the country was immobilized by snow and bitter cold temperatures.  And now it is 28 degrees here and we will wake up tomorrow morning to a blanket of ice.

52/365 Indistinct


This was not the photo that I intended to take for the prompt, but it was my favorite photo of the day so it became my daily photo.

53/365 Looking Forward


Nothing was happening for me creatively today.  Though I am usually a positive person, always preferring to look forward rather than backward, I just couldn't muster any enthusiasm for the day's shot.  Perhaps this is because of the cold that has taken up residence in my head.  Now that I think about it, I really don't feel well.  On the up side, I did get a picture of Frankie for this month.

For what it's worth, I am now caught up less thing on my list!