Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Thousand Words Instead of a Picture

So this is the first day in 100 days that I haven't posted a picture.  I have to admit that it is an odd feeling. It sort of feels like Empty Nest Syndrome; you give birth to an idea, spend time raising and nurturing it and then one day it is grown and gone and you are left asking yourself, "Now what?"  I am fairly sure that I am not done with this project, but at this point I have no real idea what the next step may be.

Since I was not out taking pictures today, I spent a little time reflecting on my, admittedly quite raw, thoughts and observations on the Visual Cents project.  After 100 days of deliberately not relying on words to express my ideas, my system is now in a slight state of shock as it returns to a post consisting entirely of written communication.  For what its worth,  here's what is going on in my head right now regarding photographing the last 100 days:

  • If nothing else, I can say that I was disciplined enough to follow through with my stated intention.
  • Some days I definitely had to work harder than others.
  • There are lots of varieties of ducks!
  • Sometimes life sets up the shot perfectly.
  • Sometimes it doesn't.
  • The structure and design of flowers are quite fascinating.
  • A sense of visual humor is truly a personal thing.
  • Keep looking up.  The sky is a busy place.
  • The process is as beautiful as the product, maybe even more so.
  • Don't overlook the everyday.
  • What you thought you saw is not always what you really saw.
  • Sometimes you get more.
  • Sometimes you get less.
  • Black dogs are hard to photograph, especially indoors.
  • Be open to seeing more than you are looking for.
  • Perspective is everything.
  • Don't be afraid to explore the fringes.
  • Nothing is ever just black and white.
  • Some of the parts are often greater than the whole.
  • Photography requires both seeing and listening.
  • Simple is often best.
  • Don't overlook the obvious.
  • Savor every moment.
  • Things change quickly.
  • Rain is a gift.
  • Rain is a curse.
  • Carefully observe your surroundings.
  • Peek around the corner.
  • Take lots of pictures of the ones you love.
  • All baby animals are cute.
  • Try to picture the words.
  • Things that first appear very small can become big.
  • Things that seem very big often are really quite small.
  • Get up early; mornings are beautiful.
  • There is never only one way to look at something.
  • Some beauty exists in everything.
  • If you look for the beauty, you will see it.
  • Sometimes you feel like a stalker.
  • No matter how carefully you look, you never see the whole picture.
  • Life is complicated.
  • Some days you are lucky.
  • Some days you are not.
  • Someone is always watching you.
  • Always be willing to laugh.
  • The big picture often lies in a small place.
  • The door may be easily seen but the handle hard to grasp.
  • Once you've taken your last picture, take one more.
  • Rules promote safety and order but can limit creativity.
  • Look between the lines.
  • Once may enough but you can't be sure.
  • The lasting impression may be more important than the picture.
  • Choices are good.
  • Choices are hard.
  • Choices are necessary.
  • Red is an awesome color to photograph.
  • I love parks.
  • Clouds tell their own stories.
  • Some things are what they are.
  • Some things aren't.
  • There are days when we are at the top looking down.
  • There are days when we are on the bottom looking up.
  • Going in circles is not all bad.
  • It only takes one good picture to make your day.
  • And one ugly one to ruin it.
  • Reflection tells the rest of the story.
  • People do weird things.
  • Sometimes the picture is fuzzy and that is how it is meant to be.
  • Stop to take the picture.
  • Kids and pets are a never ending source of photo ops.
  • There are times when you need the picture to prove that you were not hallucinating.
  • Being behind the camera is much better than being in front of it.
  • You will inevitably miss a lot of good pictures.
  • And probably take even more bad ones.
  • Don't be limited by the judgements of others.
  • Abstract is acceptable.
  • If you feel the urge to shoot buy a camera not a gun.
  • The camera on your phone will do.
  • Photograph extremes.
  • If you don't see anything, keep looking.
  • If you still don't see anything, create something.
  • Embrace the ordinary; most days that's all we have.
  • What feeds your body should also nourish your heart and soul.
  • Always carry a camera.
  • Sometimes you ARE a stalker.
  • Watch people's hands.
  • Never stop looking.
  • Never stop believing.
  • Never give up.
All that said, I think I do need to stop writing!  Perhaps it was a bad thing to hold my words at bay for these last few months!  As I wrote this list, I realized that there is so much more to say.  However, I do have the wisdom to know that I need all of this to settle before I can write coherently and intelligently.

Thanks to all of you who encouraged and supported me on this adventure.  I couldn't have done it without you.

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