Wednesday, July 2, 2014

183/365-2 Essentials

'Groggy Doggie"

This morning, our boy had surgery to remove an abscessed tooth.  He didn't seem to be in any pain beforehand, but his face was swollen.  The essentials for him over the next few days are antibiotics, doggie ibuprofen, and canned food.  Needless to say, he is much more thrilled with the canned food than the pills.

He was not a happy camper when we picked him up at the vet.  we paid his bill and then they put us in a room to meet with the vet for his discharge instructions.  I discovered that parents are parents whether it is to kids or dogs.  While in the exam room, I could hear a dog whining; I knew it was Adidas.  I waited a few minutes.  They didn't bring him to us and the whining didn't stop.  I recognized the sound as his "I need to go out."  Finally I couldn't take it anymore.  I opened the door to the secret back area of the vet.  There happened to be a tech standing there.  I asked politely of that was Adidas crying.  She answered , "yes."  I told her that he needed to go out.  she said, "OK." End of conversation, but not the end of my poor boy's whining.  

A less than personable tech finally brought him in to us.  I told her that he was whining because he needed to go out.  Somewhat snappily she said, 'We took him out."  I told her that I was going to take him out at that point.  The poor guy peed buckets!

Adidas settled down a little bit on the way home though he did still whine some.  As it turned out, he was very hungry and thirsty.  He hadn't eaten for nearly 24 hours.  That is definitely a scenario that he is not used to!  I think his legs are also a little stiff from being in a kennel all day.

Our vet's office has four doctors.  Two of them are fabulous, one of them we have never met and then there is the one we saw today.  I think she is probably a good veterinarian, but she has no bedside manner.  Combine that with the rude vet tech and I was not a happy mama.  We missed our normal personnel on this trip.  Live and learn.

 Right now Adidas is mad because he can't have any rawhide for two weeks.  I think he sees his bone as a pacifier.  I am thinking positive thoughts about a good night's sleep for all of us!