Saturday, June 30, 2007

Images Of Endicott

Last night when I came to the library to write, I forgot the power cord to my computer (I had enough battery to do last night's short entry) and I forgot the card reader. SO here are yesterday's pictures and a few from this morning. I keep hoping for some sunrise pictures over the ocean but sunrise happens really early on the east coast! We have Morning Prayer at 6:30 am and the sun is already alive, awake, alert, and enthusiastic (as Erin says). Needless to say, I am doing well to alive and dressed decently when I meet my group for prayer. I ll have one last chance for sunrise pictures tomorrow.

Here is my spot in the cyber cafe that is in the basement of the library. I am becoming fond of this spot. There has never been anyone else here with me. Each table has good light and space as well as outlets for power and phone cord if you don't have a wireless connection. The only thing missing is the coffee. During the school year, a coffee bar is open in this space.

Alissa, Patrice, and BK, a piece of each of you made a trip to the beach last night. Though it had been 95 degrees on Thursday, yesterday dropped to the 70's; by last evening it was chilly down by the water, so much so that I had to wear long sleeves and socks for the first time since arriving in Beverly. The only pair of real socks I brought are my Seeing Stars (I hope that is the right name) designed by Alissa and knit by BK from yarn dyed by Patrice. Thanks guys!
Just in case you are wondering, I did do a little work on these here rocks last night. I knit the first side of the Peace Box for the next issue of Spirit of Knitting.

Here are some more Images of Endicott.

The beach as the sun is going down.

The same spot the next morning.

A rocky path to a sandy beach.

The smooth sands.

The Endicott fountain in daylight.

The Ghost of Final Exams Past.

A view from central campus.