Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chihuly at the Dallas Arboretum

  I am happy to share here some pictures of the work of Dale Chihuly that is currently on display at the Dallas Arboretum.  The fact is that matter how good the pictures, they can't capture the whole beauty and grandness of seeing these magnificent pieces of glass in person.  The sheer amount of glass alone is amazing.  Add to that the incredible detail in every piece and I realize that both words and pictures come up short in their abilities to describe the works of Chihuly are in this setting.

I have to admit that I was so busy looking at the pieces and taking pictures that I failed to write down the titles of each work shown throughout this post.  Sorry!

Here are a few up-close pictures of the detail of these works.

As amazing as seeing these details is, it is experiencing all of these pieces as they rise up out of the gardens that is so awesome.  Every time that we turned a corner or rounded a path, there was another one.  They seemed so natural, so perfect in their places.

Here is the fern gully.  I love the way the light makes the glass dance in the mist.

When the mist clears, the pieces continue to dance as they are reflected in the water.

These next pictures speak for themselves.

How can you go wrong with all of that blue?

The yellow in these two magnifies the sun.

Of all that we saw, my favorites by far were the glass balls.  I'm not sure why; perhaps their simplicity, perhaps their representation of perfections.  Or, perhaps they are just really pretty.

The bright colors, the water,the sunlight,  the reflections - this is just a perfect combination to me.

The weather yesterday when we went to the arboretum was beautiful, though a little warm for November.  It should not be 87 degrees on November 2nd!  But, it was worth enduring the temperatures to experience  all of this glass as it shimmered in the sunlight from the clear blue sky.

The arboretum also offers evening hours three nights a week so that you can experience these works through a different light.  They are illuminated against the dark background of the night sky.  We are already making plans to go back some evening before the close of the exhibit at the end of the year.  I would love to try to photograph the boats and balls above against a setting sun!

Another fun outing for which to look forward!