Monday, March 3, 2014

62/365 Choose A Favorite (Macro Monday)

"Blue Monday"

Today was just a weird day all the way around.  Last night, because of ice and bitter cold temperatures, it was announced that Weber had no school today.  I had a delayed start - 11am.  This late start was nice, but it made no sense.  Our classes are on a schedule where they begin at either 10:30 or 12.  So with an 11 o'clock start time do we come for a 10:30 class?  My students all decided "No!"

Because we got this notification last night, rather than early this morning, I stayed up way too late watching a photography class online.  Ironically, it was on nighttime photography.  Having not gone to bed until almost 3am, we slept in until about 8:30 and had a leisurely breakfast before I headed to school.

Even by noon, the halls at school were empty.  Weber and I had lunch together and I did a little grading.  Many people seemingly opted to take the entire day off, including my 1:00 composition student.  Fortunately my 2:00 was early so we had our lesson and I was done by 2:30.  That was a much appreciated gift.

By the time we went to school at 11 there was virtually no moisture of any kind on the roads in our area.  Since travel was fine, this evening we kept a dinner engagement with a friend.  All in all this has been a good day, just an odd one.

Photographically speaking, it was "Macro Monday" with the suggestion being to photograph our favorite color of crayon.  It should come as no surprise that my photo contains a blue crayon.  I had a hard time trying to think of something interesting to do.  I finally decided that I would just embrace the weirdness of today and call it a happy Monday.