Tuesday, July 22, 2014

203/365-2 Luminosity


I am not sure that I hit today's prompt of "luminosity" with this prompt though that is what I was hoping for.  This was taken on a busy corner not far from our house where there are many office buildings.  They are all different colors and textures and several of them are mirrored.  When the light is right, this location makes for some kind of cool shots.

The evening light was a little strange tonight.  The "golden hour" did not have much gold to it.  The coloration in this is the result off the sun bouncing off and reflecting onto the various buildings.  I do like all the lines and shapes here.

Perhaps my thoughts were more on just that...lines.  I am also taking a phone photography class.  The current assignment is on photographing lines.  Today's added challenge was to create a black and white photo where the lines are strong.

This is the front of the building that houses the above arch.  In fact the white in the far left of the frame below is the part of the arch that is just out of the frame to the right in the above image.  To me this looks like a slightly more complex Mondrian painting.  This image was taken and converted to black and white with my phone.

"Mondrian in Dallas"