Thursday, August 28, 2014

238/365-2 Making Plans

"Planning for Class"

I have completed my first week of the semester - one down, fifteen to go.  I shouldn't say it like that because it makes it sound like I only looking to the end and that is not the case at all.  I have great students.  Everyone seems so excited to be in class, looking forward to what the semester has to offer, and what they will accomplish.  Even my 7:30 am class has been full of energy.

My course load is quite heavy, seven different classes and six private composition students.  Because many of my classes are small, I don't have a lot of students, but a class prep is a class prep.  It doesn't matter whether you are teaching five students or five hundred; you still have to prepare for the class.  I am teaching one class that I haven't taught in a long time and it was added to my load late in the game, so I am still in the planning stages with it.  Feeling that I am only one class period ahead of students is not a comfortable place for me  Much of the upcoming three-day weekend  will be spent trying to get my semester outline for this course done.