Friday, March 8, 2013

67/365 Hobby

 "Flour Power"

It is funny to me how I chose to respond to today's prompt of "hobby."  For whatever reason, I don't think of any of the things that I like to do as "hobbies."  They are just things that I do.  For that reason, I had to really think about what I was going to photograph today.

The first thing that came to mind was knitting.  Of all of the activities that I do in my spare time, this is the most likely candidate to be considered as a hobby.  The sad truth is that I have not been knitting much lately.  I have been spending my time doing other things.  Many projects are still on the needles unfinished.  Perhaps I did not want to take pictures of anything knitting related because I am feeling a little guilty about not yet having finished Weber's vest that was supposed to be a Christmas gift - in 2012, not 2013.

I love reading poetry; I could have photographed the many shelves of poetry books we have, but that didn't strike my fancy today either.

With a day at home, I was looking forward to cooking a nice dinner tonight.  We had no commitments this evening so there was time to prepare and, more importantly, enjoy a nice meal together.  I decided to make some simple sugar cookies for dessert.  I love to bake things for everyday eating - bread, pizza crust, crackers and cookies.  I'm not much on the fancy cakes and so on.  I thoroughly enjoyed baking these cookies this afternoon.  So, baking became the hobby of the day.  Maybe I am just growing into my name;-)

Last Friday, in response to the photo prompt "resting" I posted pictures of the tightly closed buds on our irises.  A week later, many of them are now wide awake.  The sea of purple flowers lining the front hedge is beautiful.  I couldn't help but include a few pictures of them here today as well.

I wish flower gardening was a hobby I could claim.  Unfortunately, the ability to maintain and nurture outside flowers eludes me.  I do OK with certain vegetables.

The irises are a sign that spring is fast approaching.

66/365 In the Morning

I forgot to post this last night.  I'm not sure why my routine fell apart.  It may have had something to do with the awesome chocolate chip scone I had as an evening snack.  Brooke makes them and freezes them for me so that I can dole the scones out to myself as treats in between her visits.

"A Slice of Our Mornings"

After twenty years of packing lunches for the girls, my lunch packing days are over.  Weber makes our lunches every morning.  He is quicker at getting dressed and ready to go than I am and, admittedly, is also better at multi-tasking. Packing a lunch seems like such a simple thing, but having it done for me each day is such a great gift.

The above picture literally is a slice of our morning life.  In the framer are all of the usual things found on the kitchen counter in the morning.  Obviously, there is no set-up here.  Sometimes pictures need to have all the "stuff" in them to give them context, to put them in perspective and to make them real.  So here you can see not only the carrots that are being sliced, but also some of the cups for our lunch boxes, the apple that is next to be cut, an edge of the container of Cheerios that will top our morning yogurt and in the background, the blurred back end and wagging tail of Adidas, who is always ready to help in the kitchen because gravity just might work in his favor and something delicious might fall to the floor.  One important morning element that is not visible in this picture is the obligatory cups of coffee!  I think they are hidden by the Tupperware holding the Cheerios.

I need to remember that the snapshots of life are important.  Everything can't be "art."

Another important part of my personal morning routine is keeping "morning pages."  This is a practice advocated by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist's Way.  I worked through this book a few years ago and since then have added the discipline of morning pages to my daily routine.  They have proven to be extremely beneficial in helping me to connect with my innermost thoughts and to articulate and track my creative self - both its possibilities, improbabilities and realities.  

Therefore, I feel like I also ought to include the following photo for the prompt entitled, "in the morning."

"Morning Pages"