Saturday, August 2, 2014

214/365-2 August Selfie - Morning Routine

"Rise and...Make the Bed"

There is no question...I am a creature of habit.  I don't do well when my routines are disrupted.  That is not to say that all of my routines are healthy or good, like the two or three cups of coffee at night, but that they are my routines and they are what structure my life.

One habit that is a good one is that the first thing that Weber and I do every morning, without fail, is make the bed.  We do this to keep the dog and the cat from crawling in to the warm spots we just vacated and spending their entire day in our bed, coating the sheets with a layer of fur.  I like this part of our daily routine.  No matter the chaos and stresses of a day, you can't help but relax when, at night, you crawl into a fresh neat bed.

Much of my routine has been "restructured" while we are here visiting my dad; but, not the bed making part.  It is made first thing even though there are no dogs or cats here to leave fur.  I think Weber just wants to make sure that I don't crawl back in bed and spend my day there.

It is hard to believe that in only a few weeks we will be back to the work/school routines that defines nine moths of our year.  I love the freedom of the relaxed summer schedule, but sometimes I feel like I accomplish less than I do during the busy-ness of my school schedule.  The bed making will certainly happen much earlier in the day come August 18th than it does now!