Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Study In Contrasts

Erin has had a terrible cold this week. Last night when she went to bed, she said that she would probably not go to school today, but she would decide for sure in the morning. I set the alarm for my typical 6:15. As expected, she did not feel well enough to go to school. She rolled over and went back to sleep. In fact, we could all go back to bed for an extra hour or so. The dogs wanted to go outside first. Because I did not have to immediately begin the morning routine, I had a few minutes to walk outside with the dogs and enjoy the morning sky. I was so taken by what I saw that I went for my camera.

The following pictures were taken standing in exactly the same spot on my front porch - first facing west and then making a 180 degree turn to face east.

To the west, a bright full moon still lit the morning sky while to the east the first light of the sun was beginning to emerge.

Regardless of the direction, the way the clouds reflected the light was awesome.

At this moment, I had the option of following the sun and rising to meet the new day or, setting like the moon. I have always been one who prefers to live in the reflected light of others rather than in light that I create. I chose to follow the moon and set myself back in bed for an extra hour and a half. It felt good!