Friday, January 11, 2013

11/365 Climbing


I went outside this morning to say good-bye to Weber as he left for school.  I looked up to the morning sky and saw the beautiful contrails left by jets flying in and out of Love Field.  Remembering today's photo prompt, climbing, I headed inside to get my camera.  I love the morning sky with its hints of pink and orange.  

I'm glad this image presented itself.  My only other thoughts for the day's prompt was to catch the cat Climbing up the back of the chair or a curtain somewhere.  That is not a behavior I want to encourage even if it just create a photo opportunity.

Technical note: My ISO was set too high here so the photo is grainier than I would like.  Oh well, next time I will try to remember to check my settings before I take the pictures.  Live and learn . . .