Saturday, September 27, 2014

270/365-2 Friendly Faces


These two friendly faces happen to be sharing a margarita.  It makes me happy that they get along so well!

269/365-2 On the Street

"Downtown Dallas"

We had a fun evening Friday night seeing the Rocky Horror Show live on stage.  It was surely a blast from the past.  I remember seeing the movie for the first time in college, having no idea what to expect.  Fortunately, I went with veterans, fellow music majors.  As I was finally getting into the  things and becoming familiar with the whole prop routine, we turned around only to see several of the music faculty sitting two rows behind us.  This may have been my first realization that teachers are actually people.

Downtown Dallas is not much to speak of.  Though the arts district is very nice, there isn't much else to speak of, especially on nights and weekends.  I do like the varied textures in this photograph.  Some are the buildings themselves and others are reflections.  I also like the sliver of red brick and steeple of the church peeking out fro between the office buildings.