Sunday, January 5, 2014

5/365-2 On A Fork

"Eats Shoots and Leaves...and Berries"

After the seriousness, and perhaps edginess depending on your perspective, of yesterday's photo, today I am back to the whimsical me.

I will admit it.  I am obsessed with the Lego minifgures.  They are so much fun and in the big scheme of things, a fairly benign obsession.  The newest series of 16 figures, which is supposed to accompany the upcoming Lego movie, was released in the stores last Sunday, I think.   After my thyroid check on Thursday, Weber took me to the Lego store to get my first couple of Series 12.  

If you are not familiar with how these work, the figures come in unmarked bags.  It is luck of the draw as to which figure you will get; unless you are a master at feeling the individual pouches for the unique piece of a particular figure.  Since I had none of this new series, I didn't work too hard on Thursday to feel for particular minifigures.

Last night we went to Target for dog food.  Just dog food.  At Target the dog food is all the way in the back.  You have to pass virtually everything in the store to get to the dog food.  As we passed the toys, my enabling husband asked if I wanted to see of they had any minifigures.  Our Target, for some reason, has not had any of the last two series.  Assuming that this would still be the case and I therefore would not be tempted, I said, "sure."  Surprise!  Not only did they have tons of the new Series 12, they also had bags from series 9, 10, and 11 too.  Im not sure what that is all about.

I succumbed to the temptation.  After my trip to the Lego store on Thursday, there were four of the figures that I wanted specifically.  I knew what to "feel" for those four.  Of the four packages I got last night, I was successful in getting three of the figures that I wanted.  Those are pretty good odds.

The panda was one of them.