Friday, January 16, 2015

15/365-3 First Taste

"Sunshine and Steps"

Today was the first day that we have had a taste of sunshine in many days.  It is also the first day that I have ventured out for a "real" walk since before Christmas when I broke my leg.  It was so nice to get outside in some fresh, though brisk, air and get some exercise.  I so enjoyed my walk to the grocery store.  My leg was not as happy as the rest of me, but it will get over it. :-)

A good part of the rest of my day was spent finishing up something for a new project.  A friend and fellow photographer and I have started writing a new blog together.  Its primary purpose is to honor our friendship.  We intend to do that by sharing our love of photography and food.  If you are interested in following along with us, the blog is called, Pixels, Plates, and LOLs!

 The address is:

In addition to finishing up a post for that, I was also trying to get ready to leave for Delaware.  I should have spent more time on travel preparations and less time on writing and photography, but I didn't.  

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