Wednesday, January 14, 2015

14/365-3 Positive

'A Positive Sign"

For Christmas Weber bought a box of "Pop Open Cards."  They are much like fortune cookies in that you open them up and each contains a different inspirational message.  I consider the one that I opened this morning as a positive sign.  A good friend from Capture Your 365 and I have begun writing a blog together.  Though we have been working on it for a little while and the first post has be out there for a week or so, we had not made it public until today.  Yep, today was the day we bit the bullet and shared our new adventure with the world.  Well, maybe not with the world, but with a few friends via Facebook.

Our blog, "Pixels, Plates, and LOLs"  is a celebration of our friendship.  We will share stories about food, photography, and how these things have served as the impetus for creating and nurturing our friendship.  If you have a few minutes, click on over and check it out!  

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