Monday, July 1, 2013

181/365 Wings

"Welcome Home"

The only wings that I saw today were the wings of planes as we made our way from Minneapolis back to Dallas.  And, I never even had a good shot at a photo of these.  I love airports - people watching, and photographing the travel experience, but it just didn't happen today.  The prompt was intended to inspire photos of insects.  I didn't see any of those either.  I guess that I should be thankful that I didn't have any encounters with Minnesota mosquitoes, which apparently are huge.  In fact, one of the tourist T-shirts that I saw in the airport had a huge mosquito on the front with the text "Bite Me."

When we got home, we went out for Thai food with Brooke.  Though the food at the hotel where our meeting was held was very good, there was a distinct lack of vegetables in our world over the past five days.  After dinner, I had some work to do for school.  Weber volunteered to go to the grocery store to get some breakfast food.  (Though Brooke has been at the house with the dogs, she does not see the breakfast hour very often so does not consider breakfast food a priority when she grocery shops.)

Shortly after he left, Weber sent me a text message with a picture of the bottle above.  My response was, "That does not look like breakfast food."  As I looked at the label, I realized that it has my name on it.  Obviously he bought it.  And no, we are not having it for breakfast this morning, but we will find a nice time to share it.sent me 

Though I had a great week away, I am glad to be home.

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