Sunday, November 1, 2015

All Saints Day

A year ago today was my dad's memorial service.  The readings, the hymns, and the day for that celebration were all details that I carefully orchestrated.  What better day for a memorial service than All Saints Day?  As today, November 1, 2015, comes to an end, I have now passed the year mark of life without my dad.  Every anniversary date that  comes along from now on will no longer be "the first."  I was blessed to have had the opportunity to sing a Choral Evensong for All Saints Day with my church choir this evening.  What a meaningful way to mark the passage of this last year.

I miss my dad, but I know that he is among the great cloud of witnesses, ever present and ever watchful.

Today's photo prompt: Who Am I

I am very much my father's daughter.  The humble life that he led is my inspiration.

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